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Universal Music Stand Shelf EnhancerAre having trouble with your shelf because it won't fit on all stands. This one will!  This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
BanStand Desk Top Music standThe BANSTAND folds to the size of a standard magazine and strong enough to support over 30 pounds
Farley's Stage Player Guitar StoolWhy cart around a stool and a guitar stand. This all in one Guitar Stool is made for the musician on the go. Check this stool out!
Ingles SA22 Adjustable Bass StandUnique adjustable bass / cello / Viola stand from Ingles. All contact surfaces are covered with a protective foam type of material.
Manhasset Drummer / Microphone Sheet Music StandManhasset Drummer Stand is designed specifically for the drummer and percussionist and will attache to Microphone Stands!!   (Made In America)
Konig and Meyer 10810 Music Stand BlackKonig & Meyer Music Stand - 10810 - Black. A lower-priced version of the 10800. Sturdily designed.
Regency Rosewood Sheet Music StandThis beautiful Rosewood Sheet Music Stand is both elegant and durable. This stand has Adjustable height and tilt.
Konig & Meyer Four Guitar Stand »17604 Roadie«Have you ever inadvertently left your guitar on top of a cable or jack plug? Not With This Stand!
Rock N Roller Cart Model R12No More Sweating before your gig again & Minimize your trips to the van!This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)

Manhasset Carton of 6 M48 Sheet Music StandsHere's your chance to get your hands on the Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands. You pay less than $40 per stand!   (Made In America)

This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)

Anderson Folding Wooden Music StandA Portable Wooden Music Stand! Thats right it folds down. Add a touch of class when you have to play out. USE A SPECIAL SALES CODE TO GET AN EXTRA 5% OFF THIS STAND

This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)

Music Stands Alone is one of the finest online carriers of music stands and accessories. Our music stands are of the finest quality material and are crafted to the highest industry standards. You will find Music Stands Alone the answer to your Music Stand needs.

Microphone Stands:

We sell a variety microphone stands that are adjustable and easy to travel with. Music Stands Alone also provides an assortment of microphone stands. At Music stands alone we provide Boom Mic stands, adjustable Mic stands and many other types of music stands that are sure to meet the needs of both the novice and the seasoned professional. Don't make the mistake of paying too much for over priced music equipment.

Quility At Affordable Prices:

One of the most underrated part of any musicians accessories are the stands on which the instrument, microphone or sheet music rests. Poorly designed music stands often damage instruments, microphones or fall apart quickly. You will find that Music Stands Alone.com makes customer satisfaction a high priority. At Music Stands Alone.com we strive to bring you, the artist, quality products at affordable prices. Our microphone stands are second to none at prices accessible to all. We also provide a selection of instrument stands for your musical experience. We also stock, speaker stands, amplifier stands and much more. Our goal is to be the number one provider of music stands and music accessories. So support your special musician, buy a microphone stand for yourself or someone you love to today. We're proud or our products and we believe Music Stands Alone!

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OnStage MY500 Double Mic Stand AdapterHolds up to three microphones, ideal for both live and studio recording
Laurel Table Top Mic StandTripod mic stand. Easy to carry. You can't beat this price.
OnStage DS7425 Desktop Tripod Microphone StandYou have a great mic? But now you a great place to stand it on. It's no wonder that OnStage's DS7425 desktop stand was made for you.
Onstage DS6213 U-Base Gooseneck Desktop Microphone Stand
On-Stage Stands MSA-8020B Boom Microphone StandAdd on extra microphones without overcrowding your space with more stands! This clamp-on boom arm is perfect for miking any of your drums or other instruments.
Table Top Adjustable Mic StandChoose betwwen the 8-13 inch adjustable microphone stand or the 4" Tall model.
Stageline BS4C Standard Microphone BoomStageline Boom Arm. This boom comes both in black and chrome.
OnStage DS7200QRB Desktop Microphone Stand

Features a Quik-Release™clutch trigger for instant two-handed operation

On-Stage DS300B Posi-Lock- Mini Boom Desk Mic StandThe 7” mini boom is perfect for announcements, paging, dispatch and court house use.
Peak Mic Stand SM20The Peak Mic Stand SM20, this is one great mic stand. The weighted base is resistant to accidental fall.
OnStage MS7201B Microphone Stand (Black)Great low price microphone stand. Straight, round base. 60 inch height, 1/4 inch thread Base AND neck are black in color.
Tripod Mic StandAdjustable microphone stand with a tripod base.
OnStage MS7600 Hex-Base Mic StandA great stand that has adjustable height: 34"-60", 9-1/2" round sand cast steel base.
Onstage MS7701B Boom Mic stand with Tripod baseSuper boom mic stand at a super price. Combination tripod mic and boom stand.
Adam Mini Boom Microphone Stand (For Kick Drums and Amps)Adam mic stands give you sturdy, reliable performance. Ideal for kick drums/amps.
Hercules Stands MS300B Low-Profile Tilt Base Microphone StandThe Hercules MS300B Low-Profile Tilt Base Microphone Stand features a Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Lever that slides up and locks into place for easy, instant adjustment. Just the right stand for tight spaces.
On-Stage MS7255PG Pistol Grip Dome or Hex Base Mic StandUse only one hand to adjust the height or unscrew your clip! OnStage Stands, this is one of their best.
Hercules Stands MS540B Low-Profile Tripod Microphone Boom StandThe Hercules MS540B Low-Profile Tripod Microphone Boom Stand features a Quik-N-EZ boom that tilts easily and slides smoothly to reach where you need it.
Stageline MS603B Round Base Microphone StandStageline Mic Stands Rugged and durable. Cable clip included. Sandcast base
Stageline MS603C Round Base Microphone StandStageline Mic Stands Weighted base. Rugged and durable. Cable clip included.
Hercules Stands MS501B EZ Clutch Mic StandHercules Stands EZ Clutch Mic Stand
Hercules microphone stands are designed to eliminate the problems associated with ordinary stands.
K&M 26045 Stacking Microphone StandThe KM 26045 is a space saver!
Atlas TEB-E Two-Piece Tripod / Boom Mic StandTripod/boom combination features the BE-E removable, telescopic boom to provide microphone extension from 24" to 39".
K&M 26010 One-Hand Adjustable Microphone Stand (Black) (Chrome)Check out the cast-iron round base with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration.
Zebra MSQ27WH Pro Snap Adjust White Mic StandThis unique white microphone comes with a matching white microphone clip.
Hercules MS120B Low Level Microphone StandHercules MS120 Low Level Round Base Microphone Boom Stand. Check this great stand out!
The Hercules MS531B EZ Clutch Mic Stand with BoomThe Hercules MS531B with Boom, innovations that eliminate the usual problems associated with the everyday mic stands.
Manhasset Drummer / Microphone Sheet Music StandManhasset Drummer Stand is designed specifically for the drummer and percussionist and will attache to Microphone Stands!!   (Made In America)
OnStage Broadcast/Webcast Boom Arm MBS5500A professional articulating mic boom intended for broadcast and webcast applications  This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
K&M 27195 Microphone Stand with Extendable BoomThe K&M 27195 Microphone Stand with Extendable Boom. An inexpensive stand with professional features.
Hercules MS401B Tilt Base Microphone StandHercules MS401B Tilt Base Microphone Stand tilts down as low as a 45 degree angle to get where you need it to be, and safely.
This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
K&M 26075 One Hand Stacking Microphone StandK&M 26075 mic stand is a class above the rest for, ease of use, durability. The Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
Stageline MS703B Boom Microphone StandWide base and well crafted. For studio use.
K&M 25950 Black Mic StandKoenig & Meyer Mic Stand Very short and Heavy Legs Provide Maximum Stability.  This Item Ships For Free  (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
K&M 21080 Microphone Stand – Soft TouchThis stand features a telescoping microphone stand and tripod base. This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
K&M 25900-570-87 Soft Touch Microphone Stand GrayComes with 2-piece boom arm. Attractive gray Soft-Touch powder coating.   This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
On-Stage Stands SB9600 Tripod Studio BoomOn-Stage Stands most affordable and most stable studio boom combines a tripod base & two stright booms!  This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
K&M Mic Stand 25900-500-55 Blk Tbar And Swvl

KONIG & MEYER 25900 MICROPHONE STAND Comes with 2-piece boom arm Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)

Konig & Meyer 25200-500 MICROPHONE STAND - blackCheck out the heavy duty telescoping shaft. Metal, non-marring height-adjustment mechanisms. This Item Ships For Free (Alaska & Hawaii Excluded)
Quik Lok A-50 Studio Microphone Boom StandThis studio boom mic stand is designed for larger and heavier condenser mics used in recording. This is one fantastic stand.
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Have You Been Looking For Microphone Stands?
Take a look at our wide selection of boom microphone stand items. All of our accessory microphone stand products are offered at LOW prices. Whether you are looking for microphone stand accessory parts or a boom microphone stand tripod, you will find we have what you need. We invite you to click on any of the links below to find detailed information on all of our adjustable microphone stand products.

We Sell More Than Microphone Stands and Stage Mic Stands!  We also sell Sheet Music Stands, Speaker Floor Stand and you'll even find an adjustable speaker stand or two. At Music Stands Alone you can buy drum thrones and amplifier stands. Keyboard benches, percussion hardware are all found at Music Stands Alone. Whether it be a professional music stand or a portable music stand we have them all. 

All Microphone StandsMicrophone stands of all types are sold here. Stage microphone stands as well as tabletop microphone stands. If you're looking for a mic stand then check out our selection of mic stands.
Table Top Mic StandsDesktop Microphone stands of all types can be found here. Buy a desk top mic stand or tabletop microphone stand today!
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